ISS BORD Offline requires a PC with the latest Windows operating system, a monitor with resolution 1600 x 900, a .Net Framework 4.0 and Internet access.
Optional a scanner and a Navilock GPS mouse.
ISS BORD Online requires an Internet connection. br>We recommend Google Chrome as your browser.

ISS BORD can only be installed if the respective shipping company/forwarding agency is using the program.
If this is the case, the download link will be provided by the shipping company/forwarding agency or the program will be installed by the shipping company/forwarding agency itself.

You can obtain your ISS BORD access via the respective shipping company or forwarding agency, that uses ISS BORD.

If the shipping company/forwarding agency uses ISS BORD, it is also possible to download a corresponding app.
To do this, go to the respective store
Android: https://play.google.com/store
Apple: https://www.apple.com
and search for Inosys.

All data connections are secured with the latest encryption technologies.

You either write an E-mail to:   support@inosys.de,
contact us via telephone: +49 (0) 931 35286-86
or fill in the contact form.